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EVS Answer Key

Question- Mapping Skills in EVS help develop.......

Answer- Understanding of relative position of places. 

Question-Samayan of Class V usually does not do his given classwork. The best measure to address the situation could be to????

Answer- Tal to him to find his difficulty...

Question-Muskan organized a debate on the topic 'Use of Diesel Vehicles in Transportation should be Prohibited'. What is the purpose of organizing this debate???

Answer- To sensitize students to ban diesel vehicles.

Question-There is a paragraph in an EVS textbook on Al-Burin's observation of the construction of ponds.. (full question is not given here sorry )

Question-The integrated nature of EVS helps to?

Answer- Option 3 or 4 (not sure)

Question-Which of the following is Not a broad indicator of EVS assessment?

Answer- Concept Mapping - Option 2

Question-Questioning as a strategy in teaching and learning of EVS is used for?

Answer- Arousing curiosity in the classroom -

Question-With over fifty students in the classroom, Vani wants to engage them in an activity that involves a maximum number of senses to enhance learning. Which of the following activities will be suitable for this purpose?

Answer- Organizing field trip to a nearby place -

Question-Why does Iqra encourage her learners to read newspapers and magazines in EVS?

Answer- These help learners to engage students with real-world -

Question-In which of the following states the meaning of 'Torang' is a jungle?

Answer- Jharkhand

Question-Your house is located at X and your school is at Y.. (full question not given here)

Answer- 100 m due West -

Question-Today we can't think of food without chilies. These were brought to our country by the traders of 

Answer- South America -

Question-A boy boarded a train on 4th June 2020 at Nagercoil... (full question not added here)

Answer- 38.5 kmph

Question-Which of the following statements is not true with regard to honeybees and beehives?

Answer- Male bees are very important for hives 

Question-The Constitution of India was prepared under the leadership of

Answer- Dr. BR Ambedkar -

Question-Consider the following functions of plants

Answer- A, C & D -

Question-Which of the following is Not a Union Territory of India?

Answer- Manipur

Question-Which of the following produce Crude Oil (Petroleum)?

Answer- Bombay & westbengal

Question-Select from the following a group of birds each member of which is able to see distinctly the object four times as far as we can see?

Answer- Eagle, Kite, Vulture -

Question-Pochampalli is now a part of which state?

Answer- Telangana

Question-Select from the following group which is rich in Iron?

Answer- Amla, Spinach and Jaggery

Question-Who did experiments with Pea Plants and found that pea plant has some traits which come in pairs

Answer- Gregor Johann Mendel

Question-in which one of the following states most villagers construct their wooden houses 3 to 3.5 m above the ground on strong bamboo pillars with sloping roofs

Answer- Assam

Question-With respect to the location of Delhi in the Indian Map, the direction of Gandhinagar and Patna is

Answer- South-West & South-East

Question-How will you plan for an integrated classroom?

Answer- Combine two or more subject areas into one classroom -

Question-Which of one of the following themes suggested in the EVS as per NCF 2005?

Answer- Things we make and do -

Question-What should be avoided in anecdotal records?

Answer- ACD

Question-Smita wanted to sensitize her learners about gender disparity and stereotypes related to work. What Smita choose to do in her class from the following suggestion?

Answer- Invite a student's mother to the class who is an auto driver

Question-Puneet gave his Class V learners an outline of the human body and asked them to draw the digestive system before teaching the chapter on food. Here Puneet wants to

Answer- Elicta learners ideas of digestion 

Question-Which of the following is not correct with respect to the formative assessment?

Answer- 3 option

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